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Smart skills Training Enthusiast ~ Highly Energetic Speaker ~ Business Advancement Coach to Solopreneurs and Biz Start-ups
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It's up to YOU!

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You Can Do Anything!
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BOOMChakalaka Taryn-lee KearneyTuesday, April 17th, 2018 at 1:47am

Vulnerable and asking for help!
I help so many people across South Africa without any hesitation, today is the first time I am asking for help!

I would like to bring awareness to Mental Health in South Africa, did you know that every 3 in 5 people
suffer from a Mental Illness, the highest is Depression and Anxiety???

You may be the one affected with regards to a family member/friend OR the one silently suffering due to the stigmas attached to
mental health.

Today, I ask from the bottom of my heart for a donation towards my cause and climb (R100 000 is needed).

Your name or company will be mentioned in my book that I am writing, social media mentions and shout outs
as well as on the flag that I will wave successfully on the top of Mount Kilimanjaro!

Honestly, I have NO idea how much to ask you for, but is a gift of R250.00 something you'd be able to consider? Or an amount you feel comfortable with?

If you cannot help me, could you PLEASE send this off to friends and family who would support me? I seriously need as much help as possible!

Donation can easily be made via the link below 🙂 thank you for taking the time to read this and importantly for helping me make a difference!


Taryn-lee aka The BOOMChakalaka Taryn-lee Kearney girl!

BOOMChakalaka Taryn-lee Kearney

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Cannot wait for this event! It's going to be epic! Especially for mommies in #pretoria and #johannesburg book your spot now 😘 #mominbusiness #geturmojoback

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Inspiring in every way! Really wanted to share this with you! You can achieve anything and everything- just believe!

BOOMChakalaka Taryn-lee Kearney

Modern Hero

From Hooters hostess to one of the most prominent business figures in the country, this Modern Hero has skyrocketed through the corporate ranks, while lifting others along the way. As a new mom, this powerhouse gets candid about marriage, motherhood, and the importance of giving back.
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BOOMChakalaka Taryn-lee KearneyMonday, April 9th, 2018 at 8:32am

As we are reaching the end of Monday, what have you done today that put you one step closer to your goals? #foodforthought

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BOOMChakalaka Taryn-lee KearneySunday, April 8th, 2018 at 6:36pm

It's a #GoldenMonday it doesn't need to be a blue one! The choice is urs to make! Aggressively tell yourself that you deserve a good week and believe it!