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The Taryn-lee Tale

Taryn-lee is a life and business coach, motivational speaker and training professional with an immense passion for people. Specialising in public speaking, and professional training she aims to inspire individuals who wish to gear-up for success and self-improvement.
Through her speaking and coaching sessions, she offers a fun and interactive learning experience that is bound to captivate and motivate any individual who needs to bring back the zest into their lives or company culture/environment.
Through her own journey of self-discovery, Taryn-lee has gained valuable life experience in a wide variety of fields ranging from hospitality to psychology. Showing a strong sense of leadership and determination from a young age, Taryn-Lee has experienced her fair share of leadership development programmes, some as early as high school!
She continues to cultivate and grow her team; business; and life skills to become the successful businesswoman, mentor and life/business coach that she is today.
Taryn-lee is also a working mother of a busy toddler, which on its own should be considered a superpower! Oh, and did we mention Taryn-lee can cook, too?! Especially when it comes to Moroccan cuisine.

Her Mission

Through Taryn-lee’s motto of finding yourself and having fun, she has managed to make a massive difference in many an individual’s life striving to position themselves. Her greatest joy in life is to see people grow and make a huge success in their business career and personal lives by unleashing their true potential, oh and to enjoy a quiet evening at home watching crime investigative series and eating Chinese takeout’s!


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