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You are in for a wonderful journey!

Are you ready for coaching?

You’ll either be embarking on a coaching journey with me or attending one of my exciting workshops because I’m ready to get M.A.D with you! Let’s make a difference in your life, TOGETHER.
A fair warning though! You will not be BORED, DULLED or DISAPPOINTED – as my classes are highly addictive and the energy is infectious!


Will become a word you never forget to get things going! Try saying that five times fast? (Chuckle)
My Mission In Life:  To motivate and encourage people who feel lost, who need a BOOMCHAKALAKA in the right direction or to unleash their true potential, may it be in their business or personal life.
Through education, empowerment and guidance, I would like to make a difference in YOU, your family and your community!

“So let’s unlock your potential together!”

Coaching Packages to Unlock Your Potential

tarynlee kearney professional speaking pretoria




Ideal for individual and business people looking for a powerful brainstorming session or just a good old pick me up in life and business.

tarynlee kearney professional coaching pretoria

Time to Hustle


Feel stuck in a rut and want to get moving? In this package we work towards a strategic plan for your success. No more excuses! It’s time to Hustle!

Be Supreme

The things you are passionate about are not random, they are your calling! Are you ready to go from poor choices to successful habits? It’s time for you to fulfil your purpose, to know your worth and charge for it!

tarynlee kearney supreme professional package pretoria



Are you ready to go all in? Re-invent yourself, with a new life leading to happiness! More VOOMA AND SPICE in everything you do! This is an opportunity to get to know the real you, to see your life in a different perspective! This is your chance to chase your dreams! The possibilities are only limited to your imagination.

tarynlee kearney boomchakalaka package

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