Building Resilience the Boomchakalaka way!

The strongest people are not those who show strength in front of us but those who win battles we know nothing about.
Speaking is my forte. Training is my privilege, and empowering others is my calling.

Let’s talk about overcoming challenges by doing it the Boomchakalaka way.
We all face challenges daily

7 Ways To Get Motivated Now!

Danger: You Could Feel The Effects Soon!

There is nothing wrong, with feeling the way you do now - its normal we all go through it! However - don't fall into the deep black hole any further. It will only make you more miserable and demotivated. So come on get off your butt and do the following 7 things. Lets get you motivated together!

Business Besties

How Business Besties can make you Resilient!

Running your own business is tough and can be overwhelming, there have been many meltdowns, challenges and most certainly financial hardships on the road towards success. Yet this journey is so rewarding - especially if you have a Business Bestie. I would love to share a quick guide on ways to build a business friendship so that when you have those days you need someone to lean on – they will be there and you for them