Building Resilience the Boomchakalaka way!

The strongest people are not those who show strength in front of us but those who win battles we know nothing about.

Speaking is my forte. Training is my privilege, and empowering others is my calling.

Let’s talk about overcoming challenges by doing it the Boomchakalaka way.

We all face challenges daily right, some days more than others. 



We all face challenges


I do want to pose this question to you though:

Are you thriving or only surviving?




Want to share a quick story:

  • There was this girl who has had a constant struggle with her body – always seeking men to tell her she is beautiful.
  • Other girls would feel threatened by her big personality
  • She was attacked outside of her school and cut by a knife just for a phone.
  • She was then attacked in Menlyn by a gang of men under the influence.
  • She was held up with her family in their home for 6 hours, yip 6 hours.
  • She was told by the person she loved the most that she was FAT
  •  Someone close to her in her intimate family was going through a difficult time and found out they had major depression and bipolar. She was so close to this person that they would constantly have unhealthy fights, to a point where this person wished cancer upon her. She knew this person genuinely didn’t mean it, but it still hurt.

And then to top it off she experienced her loved ones endure another armed robbery.

Just to wrap up the story, she is doing well, blessed and grateful for what those hardships and challenges have taught her. And YES, that girl is me!


Do not let anyone dull your sparkle!

Now I didn’t tell you this story to make you feel sorry for me, I wanted to tell you that every challenge you face in life was designed specifically for you.

Once I discovered this, it was definitely a hard pill to swallow.

I mean, are you telling me that these challenges were purposefully meant for me???


You should never regret anything in life, if its good, it’s wonderful, if its bad, its an experience.

And experience is what makes you, YOU!

I would like to share a few Boomchakalaka tips with you on how to build resilience.

Without a doubt, we going to have challenges and we need to get out on the other side stronger with a whole load of Boomchakalaka good positive vibes!

1 – Experience more positive emotions:

We know from neuroscience that experiences rewires the brain. Emotions like joy, interest, and delight help us feel and function better and rewire our brain for increased resilience.

Start to notice positive events and seek new experiences.

Happiness indeed


2- In times of trouble put your hand on your heart – I call this the Serenity exercise.

Place your hand on your heart for a 1min: this calms stressed neurons around the heart.

Or Hug yourself for 20 seconds, this leads the brain to release oxytocin, a natural antidote to stress.

Hug yourself more often


3 – Do one scary or daunting task a day

Please cross your arms, now cross it the other way.

It’s uncomfortable, right?

Well, this is exactly why you must push your comfort zone every day. This teaches your brain to deal with uncomfortable situations with more resilience. This will help you overcome challenges just a little faster.

Challenge yourself

When we face difficult times, know that challenges are not sent to destroy you, they were sent to promote, increase and strengthen you.

Have you ever had a small piece of dust get in your eye?

It was probably annoying, and difficult to see, but did you know that when an oyster gets dust/sand inside its shell, it turns that dust speck into a pearl.

You may be getting a lot of dust, dirt, and challenges thrown your way – but know this:

You will form into the most beautiful human being just like a pearl, with the possibility of sharing your story of overcoming your challenges the boomchakalaka way!


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